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Amazon style: reimagines the in-store shopping

The first step towards an official entry into physical stores dedicated to fashion..

As already happens in Amazon Go stores dedicated to food, the weight of technologies will also be enormous in Amazon Styles. Starting with the Amazon One scanner, which stores the biometric data of customers by recognizing them by the hand at the entrance to the store.

But how does this interesting innovation work?

Customers who enter Amazon Style with their smartphone and the app will see items of only one size and one color. The different sizes and the assortment of colors will be in the warehouse and will be managed by the staff. Through the QR code, customers will then search for their size and color, without wandering around the store with the garments in hand.

+++ Amazon reimagines in-store shopping with Amazon Style +++

When the customer is in the dressing room, the staff will then receive the items ordered with their smartphone in a “secure room”, without having to go out and look for the other sizes. Amazon has also revolutionized the layout of the dressing room itself, equipping it with an interactive screen.