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Our experience is teaching us that the industrial design of a product is just a natural consequence to more important, primary strategic objectives. Some of them are inside these stories of passion that can tell you more about our approach.

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Value Chain

An evershifting pool of customers is constantly asking for solutions to new needs. A dynamic and diverse range of offering is icreasingly acquiring strategic importance. With Starpool we developed and designed a new business model for SPA services, focusing on infrastructure rental, hence creating a new opportunity for an entire market segment.

A shift toward sustainability is a primaty objective every company is responsable for. With Dethleffs we developed a roadmap to tackle it: through a series of short and long term objective, we are helping them to turn constraints into opportunities, with the ambition to be the reference for their entire business.

The need for a digitalized version of a tangible product is increasing. Faster developement processes, virtual marketplaces and even metaverses starve for them. With La Sportiva we developed a digitalization process that creates product digital twins seamlessly, with a fidelity that makes it difficult to part what is real from what is byte.

Technology breakthrough is more frequent and accessible than ever. For us is mandatory to be constantly updated with the state of the art applications, informing our partner on technology insights and cost reduction opportunities. We assisted Microtec in the redesign of an industrial machinery reaching the goal of a modular, cheaper product and a more efficient production process.

In this times of supply insecurity one of the biggest value is building a solid value chain for the product. For Kastle we became a one stop partner, managing a seamless pool of stakeholders to keep under control the whole process, from ideation to delivery.

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